Up dog joke

up dog joke

Updog ” is a made- up term based on a wordplay of the colloquial expression “ what's up, dog?” that is commonly used as a practical joke to elicit the question. Shitty joke, but it can be funny at times. It smells like up dog in here, What's up dog? Nuuthin dog, what's up with you? by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar. I want to know more jokes like this one "Damn it smells like updog " "What's updog " "Nothing much, how about you?" Jokes that have words that.

Up dog joke - ain't

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SPORTSHEETS STRAP ON I don't get this joke Or better yet, bofa! If you find certain comments or submissions here offensive, the best way to address it is sexualaddiction more speech. Lotsa space for your liquids. I heard the Bugs Bunny—influenced joke several decades ago told this way: A man goes in for a regular medical checkup, and the doctor tells him, "It looks like you've got a bad case of Updoc. This site uses cookies.
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up dog joke

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