Transformers animated autobot

transformers animated autobot

Autobots Song: Young Squage: Transformer. Transformers Animated: Autobots. arcseniors.coms. Loading. A tribute. Transformers Animated: The Game; Transformers Animated: .. The Autobots quickly built an "art piece" robot, which Sari animated with. transformers animated autobot


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Transform and Roll Out Transformers animated autobot how the protoform that became Sari appeared in Sumdac's lab is unknown; Sari herself seems to believe that she was one of the protoforms stolen from the Cyber-Ninja Corps by Lockdown millions of years ago and stored aboard the Nemesisbut given that those protoforms were blanksand that it was a different size oriental massage austin shape to all the other protoforms seen, this seems unlikely. Sari was left alone and shunned along with Bulkhead, both morose that the kids didn't like. Printable version Permanent link. When she returned to the plant, she heard the Autobot Blurr reveal that Professor Sumdac was helping the Decepticons build a space bridge to conquer Cybertron. Initially, Sari wanted to confront the giant Decepticons with Optimus and Prowl, but Optimus told her no. Sari concluded that it would be too long and set up a trap for the two invaders, using three barrels of oil to trip them up and the plant's assembly line braunt knock them around for a while, forcing Mixmaster and Scrapper to flee. When the two men refused to vacate the building, Sari's strained patience snapped, and her hands suddenly transformed into energy projectors, which created a shock wave that knocked the pair of do-badders into how to tell your husband you are unhappy elevator. A tribute. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( Shattered Glass Animated Autobots (14 P). Pages in category " Animated Autobots ". The following pages are in this category, out of.

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