Love song hard rock

love song hard rock

What with tomorrow being Valentine's Day, we're turning our affections to the heavy metal love song. A rare species indeed. And no, we're not. My list of love songs includes rock power ballads from some of the best known bands and artists in the genre of Metal and Hard Rock. 14 all-time favorite love songs that were composed by hard rock bands. I invite you to dedicate to your loved one any of the songs listed below. love song hard rock


Hard Rock Ballads playlist There was a time when every hard rock band had at least one song about love, and usually much more than that. Of course, the world was a. The Best Love Song I've Heard Ever. Meaningful Lyrics, Fine Guitar Solo, Melody & Vocal. Absolutely Brilliant. I Have To Try Very Hard To Stop Crying When I. Hard rock and heavy metal music is known more for its wailing guitars, double bass drum beats, and aggressive lyrics than for its tender love.

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