How to tell if a girl is leading you on

how to tell if a girl is leading you on

She acts as if she likes you sometimes, but you cannot tell. To help you deal with a girl that may be leading you on, look for clues, talk to her. So I have been constantly talking to this girl, and there are times that she The only way to tell if she's actually interested is if she comes to you. Is a girl playing games with you? some easy tips how to tell if you are getting led on by a woman. ht How. How do you know if your crush really likes you or is just using you? Here are Any girl would think this was leading to relationship-town, right?. Is She Just Leading You On? This Is The Only Way To Know For Sure How do you know if a woman is serious about you or just leading you. When a girl is leading you on, she knows you'd behave like a lost puppy and trail her even if she likes another guy. This girl who's leading you on may tell you.


Signs He/She Is Leading You On

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