After not seeing a " hover hand " picture for a while, [this one](arcseniors.com arcseniors.com) popped up on /r/all today which renewed my. Hover Hand is an awkward photo meme in which the subject wraps their arm around a person with the hand hovering directly above their companion's shoulder. hover hand example Have you ever seen the strange force that occurs in some photos with pretty women? A guy appears to be close to a girl. hover-handing

Hover-handing - Murphy

Maybe mini vibrators just prematurely click the shutter. If you're going to put your arm around me anyway, just let me know where you are! I had to get in on that hover hand money (arcseniors.com). submitted 1 month ago by unktone · comment; share. 5. Professor hoverhand (arcseniors.com). Hover hand usually takes place in photos at conventions when a nervous nerdy guy is posing with an attractive female actress or model. They usually rap their. Why do some guys have hover hands? How to avoid the hover hand? Well, here's everything you need to know about the hover hand and the guys who use it.

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