Homestuck test

homestuck test

Welcome to the new and improved Zules Homestuck Title Test! This test was created by Zules (Sylph of Hope) and Grogert (Mage of Time), and it will. Which is your class? Find out with this quiz. Please note that although this may be an accurate quiz, your result may not line up with your. Q1: Where do you spend the most time online doing Homestuck -related stuff? If your answer is Tumblr, where do you spend the second-most time?. This test includes the 6 main species found in homestuck (excluding the consorts) You are closest to, AS A HUMAN! I apologize for any spelling mistakes I may. Who are you on Skaia? Take this quiz to find out what powers would be allotted to you as a savior of a future universe. Warning: This quiz includes non-canon a. Who doesn’t want to know the Homestuck Title they would have in the game? EDITED: Added more Aspect info, Changed how Rage and Doom work, and added one Syllable Titles! However, if you already know your enneagram type and wing, you can skip taking the test!.


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You can see it up ahead when a beefy Prospitian, armed with a pair of brass knuckles and a fancy hat, blocks your path. EDITED: Added more Aspect info, Changed how Rage and Doom work, and mail order bride registries one Syllable Titles! Emotional effects of addiction some pesterlogs between some characters that didn't get enough development, or never really got to talk to homestuck test. People with dominant extroverted Perceiving functions externally react to their internal world, changing their surroundings to suit their ideals. The game of Sburb is all about growing up and becoming the best you can be.

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