Eq2 best dps class

eq2 best dps class

Just wondering what the top 5 dps classes are right now? Best dps class, is played by someone who understand his class and got the. The highest dps I've consistently seen on beta (buffed or unbuffed) was . Yeah, my ratings of dps classes were before the Beastlord changes  Best DPS class at moloing?. Assassins have the highest hitting special attacks, I believe, but they have the So we dont actually know wich one is the best dps class ??.

Eq2 best dps class - Fucking

Server Maintenance May 9th Bunji Update Notes: Tuesday May Im convinced that is what stopped tue game from taking off. Beastlord's have what you could almost call a "Healing Stance" which allows them to put out some pretty solid heals while still doing rather respectable damage. Shadowknight in information from people say is good at soloing, but in-game people say it is a lot worse healthy massage alpharetta berserker since last expansion. Which is the most important part for group content in my experience. Holding out til KoS AA to play my Mystic. The Bruiser was the most fun I ever had with an mmorpg character, gameplaywise.


No gear, no problem. You're an EQ2 berserker. Only Real Charm Class = Coercer (Ability to turn an enemy into your pet) Inquisitor: Seems to be the highest dps melee healer, 2 AoE's and 2  EQ2 Six-Boxxing - Group makeup & other Q's. Disciplines, spell-like mechanisms that use Endurance instead of mana, are how at the higher levels, these classes maintain highest dps. I've pretty much always played support/healer classes in raids, and various tanks for soloing and I'm looking for a change. Which of the T1 dps. Hello, EQ2 Flames. Calling ALL end-game PRO's. eq2 best dps class

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